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How to Prevent Facial Wrinkles
Posted on: 2010-12-27
1 Always Remember To Moisturize
Moisturizing will hydrate your skin and preserve it's elasticity.

2  Avoid Stress
Avoiding stress will prevent wrinkles and promote overall good   health throughout your body . If you are feeling over stressed consider taking a "mental health day". Relax with some tea and try to clear your mind of what is stressing you out.
3 Try Applying Ice
Gently rubbing ice on your face will both prevent future wrinkles from forming and also reduce wrinkles you already may have . To do this , simply rub an ice cube or ice pack across your face once or twice a day, either before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning.

4 Take Vitamins
Consume plenty of foods that contain vitamins E and C.

5 Avoid Smoking and Drinking
Two major bad habits that will give anyone wrinkles in their face are smoking and drinking . An occasional cigar or glass or wine most likely won't give you facial wrinkles, but doing either of these activities in excess will most definitely reflect negatively on your skin . Avoiding smoking and drinking will be beneficial both to your skin and your overall health

6 Be Happy!
Being happy and remembering not to frown will prevent wrinkles from forming in your face. Recent studies have also shown that happy upbeat people live longer healthier lives than mopey unhappy people.
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